I am a 3d Artist working as a generalist and model/texture specialist in VFX for television, commercial, and film.  I work with 3dsMax, Maya, Zbrush, and Substance Painter.
I've worked at/for FuseFX, PhospheneFX, Parachute, Taylor James, Stormsurge Media,  Killer Minnow Studios, LEGO Star Wars, Neoscape, and Muse Games.  I have also taught Maya for 'biovisual' and medical animation at the Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC.
My experience also includes an extensive amount of work as a visualization/render artist, creating visualization for the superyachts in the marine industry.  These included interior architecture and design, and exterior yacht and offshore vessel engineering. Throughout these projects I honed a wide range of skills in modeling and texturing, building lighting rigs, scene composition, rendering with Vray, and final compositing with Photoshop and After Effects.

My personal works are renderings in pencil that are painted in Photoshop.  I am working on a graphic novel, an adaption of the Greek story of Medusa.
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