EvolvE is a sort of sci-fi-ish graphic novel concept I've been working on, the 2nd of three I started and slowly chip away at.  Like its name, the story continues to grow, and I have a wealth of ideas circulating.  The basic premise is built on conversations I had once with a colleague about whether DNA could be considered sentient in a fashion, or that life itself as a whole was the manifestation of the Universe's "intelligence."  I'm not sure if any of that makes sense, but I certainly like the idea that when it comes down to it, every living thing has one basic thing in common that extends beyond the single life form's own self preservation:  the need, the desire, the impetus to propagate.  And life is ever changing in order to keep going.  It adapts, it changes: it evolves.
the Introduction.  Page1
the Introduction.  Page2
the Introduction.  Page3
concept work for some kind of star craft -
meant to replace the one in the first panel of page 1 above
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