The following pieces are samples from my Graphic Novel project.  The novel is outlined, written, and thumbnailed, and finished pages are currently underway.  The story is a retelling of the Greco-Roman myth of Medusa.  In Ovid's Metamorphosis, Medusa is a beautiful woman who is a priestess of Athena.  The idea for the novel is to explore the 'monster' as protagonist.  Both story and imagery will cast the usually accepted concepts of heroism in a different light by portraying Medusa as an unwilling monster, and Perseus’ task as a misguided one. The true ‘monster’ of this story is the politics that divide the city of Athens, and misunderstanding. This shift in perspective will challenge the reader to consider themes of wisdom and loyalty in a social commentary on the vanities of our modern society.
Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

 Invocation page 3
I decided to start the story with an invocation to the Muse.  In actuality, only the epic poems like The Iliad and The Odyssey start with invocations, but I like the idea, and thought it would be a way to introduce themes.  My invocation starts with a question about what it means to be 'wise'.  By the third and last page of the invocation, Medusa is introduced as the main character, and the reader is shown that the story will end in sadness.  Each invocation page has the Muse at the top, and is bordered by stone relief motifs on the bottom.

 Page 1
As the story starts, Poseidon is angry at the city of Athens for choosing Athena over him as their patron god.  Clearly the city deserves to be punished, and he does so with stormy anger of the sea.  Tidal waves threaten the city.    

 page 30
Medusa is transformed
At some point, Medusa becomes the object of Athena's wrath.  Yes, punishment happens with snakes.  Actually, snakes are a symbol of immortality (they shed their skin becoming once again 'new').  Why they are part of Medusa's punishment and why this happens to her in the first place is part of the story.  

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