Sing Muse, Sing of the Star Sewn Sky
Stars...the soft lights of Destiny
They too Sing and grace the Night as darkness descends,
illuminating, like pinpoints of shining Wisdom.
And what of Wisdom?
Is it reflected in the light of the evening Moon
as Athena looks down upon her city - Athens
Sing Muse, Sing of Wisdom
Is it out there?  a Guide even when things are at their Darkest?
Like the Owl, high on her perch, looking over,
A guardian spirit, silent...vigilant?
Or is there any Wisdom to be found at all?
Or do we only have hindsight or glimmers,
sudden realizations...too little.....too LATE,
so that we are always left,
Swept away by Fate?
Sing Muse of Fate and Destiny
Sing of Stars and the story of a city Swept away
And Sing Muse of the story of a young woman
who was destined to be Wisdom's priestess
whose Heart shone with such honest Beauty,
that when it was broken
all would be stopped stone...
to see its pieces reflected in her tears.
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